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Wednesday, October 10, 2012


As an artist to me the most important part of a rap song is the lyrics. I love beats, I love swag and delivery, I love every aspect of hip-hop, down to the DJ and graffiti artist, but I hold the ability to put words together the closest to my heart. I consider my greatest strength being a wordsmith. The song could have deep meaning, it could be filled with punch-lines, it could tell a story, or could just express a feeling but the words chosen and how they art put together is an art within the art of the song. It is this art I appreciate the most.

Often people say my lyrics are too deep, or two quick, and they think people are missing what I am saying, or not seeing the art behind the art. Lyrical breakdown is where I am going to break down the lyrics to my songs. Please enjoy. - SeeS (S Double E S)


Yo, Music knows no better, I'd say it likes me/
It never leaves me like a good wifey/                                          
It needs me cause I treat it so nicely/
Wherever I am, I come home nightly/              

To where the Mic be, ready to get it hyphy/
Ahead of my buzz by light-years, I might be/              
Too advanced for the game for hata's to like me/
I be climbing the ladder for Jacob to ice me/              

So I can make they brain freeze like Ice-E/
Packing more lyrical vitamins then high-C's/            
The bass beats in my blood like I-V's/                          
So you better have heart if you try me/                                              

Stay current you'll find yourself in high seas/                
The deadliest catch would be trying to find SeeS/      
The deadliest match would be me against me/
The readiest batch I smoke soon as I see/

The heaviest bat I swing then Im home free/              
You ready in fact, was born ready to rap/
The gat already cocked, block already mapped/
Bitch already macked, semi-automatic when strapped/

The beats tracked, the tracks fat, smoke that/                
Ease back, this raps crack you'll phene that/                  
You'll be back, this aint Riplieys, believe that/            
---- or not, but you will/

The flows just too ill, the boy is too skilled/
the golden gun, 1 shot but 2 kills/                                  
Number 2 becomes 1, if number 1 gets killed/          
Number 1 better run (whys that) cause 2 kills/              

Put the body in the trunk they riding on 2 wheels/        
I'm eating so good my breakfast is 2 meals/
I'm twice as good they should give me 2 deals/            
or is it I'm 2 real and most of them 2 fake/

It's painful when they spit like toothaches/                  
break em off a slice, I'm baking em 2 cakes/
I'm baked of 2 1/8ths by a quarter past/
2 late if you coming for the half/

And I'm a take it all if you funny with the math/
Used to get laughed at, but now I get to laugh when I cash that/
Plus dudes sound "fag" when they call me half-ass/
but to keep the hate off my back I'm past that/

But don't think I'm-a pass that/
Punch-lines so fast you can't catch that/
Never never land, like Peter "peanut butter" Pan hands/
Heat a, but a never never SeeS fan, never need a hand/

From a hata, never needed hands/
my music beat em up, my words take the stand/            
and I'm a bear witness right where I stand/
Cause like I told em, I'm a die where I am/                    

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