SeeS Song of the Week


Monday, April 22, 2013

Entire Video Shoot Done in Reverse in 1 Take - "Rewind Life Awhile" - SeeS (S Double E S)

I invite you to check out my latest music video for my track "Rewind Life Awhile"! I wanted to create a video that was both simple and complex while really captivating who I am as a person, my lifestyle and my values.

The only tricky part was, we SHOT THE ENTIRE VIDEO BACKWARDS, and then PLAYED IT BACK IN REVERSE. Check out the Final Product!

There are many levels of meaning in this video, I will leave it up to you to come to your own conclusions but would like to explain why I made a few of the decisions I did.

- I chose to wear the type of clothes I wear everyday, not switch it up to look flashy in the music video. This is supposed to reflect who I am, not attempt to impress people but to portray me in the most natural state. (Of course rocking my SeeS hoodie)

- I chose to shoot it in my backyard, where I write most of my music, not some backdrop or blue screen so fans can see where MY creative process takes place.

- I chose to shoot it in one take to represent the continuity of time (even in reverse). We might remember our memories in bits and pieces but we shouldn't dismiss the importance of the order in which things happen. Timing can be everything in life.

- I chose to be alone for most of the video to represent the way people have to ultimately decide for themselves how they perceive and understand the world and that the ultimate test of one's character is who they are when no one is looking. I meet a longtime friend at the end to represent how ones values and outlook on life help people gravitate towards each other in order to work for a common goal and vision. (We must decide who we are alone, but will take the journey with those we surround ourselves with.)

Check out the video for yourself and come to your own conclusions about what the overall meaning of the video is.