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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Eric Sermon Speaks: "Breath Of Fresh Air" mixtape

SeeS and Eric Sermon from EPMD
Eric Sermon, Hip Hop pioneer, from EPMD speaks about his new mixtape "Breath Of Fresh Air"! I'm very excited to hear this as he made a mixtape for people who are sick of hearing the same exact stuff with no real content and I am one of those people.

I think rap has departed so much from they way it was created that it takes veterans in the game to remind some of the new rappers how it's done. Eric Sermon holds more credibility to me then almost anyone you hear on the radio and I for one look forward to hearing a "Breath Of Fresh Air"!

Eric Sermon explains his new mixtape:

"The Breath of Fresh Air' was meant to come out for people to have another place to go to for music, to get away from hearing the same exact stuff that they're hearing every day with the same conversation and no type of content," Sermon told SOHH. "Not saying I have a preachy album, but I'm giving you something that's away from the norm. I have my friends on the CD. People I consider friends are Rick Ross, Too Short, Lloyd, Redman and Method Man, of course, 50 Cent and the new guys like Fred the Godson. It was just something that had to be heard because it was music that was missing, in my opinion."

"Artists always talk about a breath of fresh air, it's just meaning that it's something different," Sermon added. "It's something new, different from what you're used to hearing. That's the standpoint I was coming from. I had the idea way before the heart attack. I wasn't working on the project that long. I had the idea but when it came time to put it together, it took me about a month or so because you don't have to worry about going in to the studio with people because everyone has their own studio. For me, friends can make exceptions for friends. I was able to send some of the records through e-mail and they came back quick."

If you are new to hip hop and don't know EPMD, after you get your ass kicked by real hip hop fans, listen to this because "You Gots to Chill"!



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  1. Love EPMD and Def Squad so dope he drop'n a mixtape! woooord Spliffz out!