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Monday, May 14, 2012

SeeS Speaks: "Dont Ask Me" (Respect My Conglomerate Freestyle)

"Thats just the tip of the iceberg in fact, you don't wanna see what's beneath the surface of SeeS/ Don't mistake envy and greed, for the will to succeed/ will I, indeed, even Einstein was told that he would not achieve/ One of a dying breed, so I'm in need/ Another breath of oxygen when you can't breathe/ I'M what's it's like to look in the mirror and wish you could be what you see, happy/ That's why I am what I am DONT ASK ME!" - SeeS

Every once in a while you got to throw your fans a mix-tape track in which you just go in on a industry instrumental everyone is familiar with, so this is what I did over Busta Ryhmes "Respect My Conglomerate". For more check out!

I got sick of people asking me why I'm a rapper in a condescending tone so I decided to answer them in a song, but the short of it is because I'm damn good at it and enjoy it! Why do I need any other reasons...I don't, but I have them.

To me making songs is a process of expressing myself and I find that it is helpful to me, so for that reason alone I don't care what other people think about me rapping, I do it for myself first and foremost, then I do it for my fans, and then I do it cause I like making haters mad, and then I'll think about the money since if my goal was to make money, rapping isn't the smartest avenue to do so with a college education.

In fact people who rap for money and attention, before rapping to make a difference or inspire themselves and others, and who don't consider the influence they have as a responsibility are ignorant and will never gain my respect! Stop asking me, and even worse assuming why I rap!

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