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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

ARTIST SPOTLIGHT: Chris-topher the Anadote

This is Artist Spotlight!

Artist Spotlight defines the saying "Favor for a Favor"...I only feature music from artists who I have had the pleasure to network with. Serious artists who understand to get support you must show support...I too am one of those serious artists and Blog Spotlight is dedicated to the artists who reached out/or reached back to me...and have DOPE TRACKS!

...On a Personal note I think this kid has mad talent and enjoy the production on the tracks and his creativity!

Kid that grew up hard and after years of letting it build up had to unleash his emotions and experiences in a storytelling poetic approach to hip hop with lush musical originally composed music... True spade references "the club" and how when you could be at the club you could also be making progress on what you love cuz time is of  the essence... If your not at the club your a "True Spade" 

Monday, October 22, 2012


Just got a call from Fantom telling me to drop this, out of the box shit, never gonna stop, quit bitching and just listen! I'm Trouble (*No those are not lyrics from the song)

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Mitt Romney: "Binders Full Of Women"


I am not going to take a political stance on this... except it was a stupid thing to say and GO OBAMA!

These are my favorite ones.....

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Request my song "Champion" on Jammin 107.7

I'm glad to annouce that Jammin 107.7 has my record "Champion" and is playing it on the air in CT. Please help me get it into rotation by requesting the song online. Simply click the link and request SeeS "Champion" Thanks!


As an artist to me the most important part of a rap song is the lyrics. I love beats, I love swag and delivery, I love every aspect of hip-hop, down to the DJ and graffiti artist, but I hold the ability to put words together the closest to my heart. I consider my greatest strength being a wordsmith. The song could have deep meaning, it could be filled with punch-lines, it could tell a story, or could just express a feeling but the words chosen and how they art put together is an art within the art of the song. It is this art I appreciate the most.

Often people say my lyrics are too deep, or two quick, and they think people are missing what I am saying, or not seeing the art behind the art. Lyrical breakdown is where I am going to break down the lyrics to my songs. Please enjoy. - SeeS (S Double E S)


Yo, Music knows no better, I'd say it likes me/
It never leaves me like a good wifey/                                          
It needs me cause I treat it so nicely/
Wherever I am, I come home nightly/              

To where the Mic be, ready to get it hyphy/
Ahead of my buzz by light-years, I might be/              
Too advanced for the game for hata's to like me/
I be climbing the ladder for Jacob to ice me/              

So I can make they brain freeze like Ice-E/
Packing more lyrical vitamins then high-C's/            
The bass beats in my blood like I-V's/                          
So you better have heart if you try me/                                              

Stay current you'll find yourself in high seas/                
The deadliest catch would be trying to find SeeS/      
The deadliest match would be me against me/
The readiest batch I smoke soon as I see/

The heaviest bat I swing then Im home free/              
You ready in fact, was born ready to rap/
The gat already cocked, block already mapped/
Bitch already macked, semi-automatic when strapped/

The beats tracked, the tracks fat, smoke that/                
Ease back, this raps crack you'll phene that/                  
You'll be back, this aint Riplieys, believe that/            
---- or not, but you will/

The flows just too ill, the boy is too skilled/
the golden gun, 1 shot but 2 kills/                                  
Number 2 becomes 1, if number 1 gets killed/          
Number 1 better run (whys that) cause 2 kills/              

Put the body in the trunk they riding on 2 wheels/        
I'm eating so good my breakfast is 2 meals/
I'm twice as good they should give me 2 deals/            
or is it I'm 2 real and most of them 2 fake/

It's painful when they spit like toothaches/                  
break em off a slice, I'm baking em 2 cakes/
I'm baked of 2 1/8ths by a quarter past/
2 late if you coming for the half/

And I'm a take it all if you funny with the math/
Used to get laughed at, but now I get to laugh when I cash that/
Plus dudes sound "fag" when they call me half-ass/
but to keep the hate off my back I'm past that/

But don't think I'm-a pass that/
Punch-lines so fast you can't catch that/
Never never land, like Peter "peanut butter" Pan hands/
Heat a, but a never never SeeS fan, never need a hand/

From a hata, never needed hands/
my music beat em up, my words take the stand/            
and I'm a bear witness right where I stand/
Cause like I told em, I'm a die where I am/                    

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Production Shoot: "Champion" Official Video

SeeS - "Champion"
I'm glad to announce we are more then half-way done with shooting the video for "Champion" and we are gearing up to blast it out to the world in the next few weeks. Shout out to Vertygo who is shooting the video and making this possible from a production standpoint. Wait till you see what this guy can do with a camera.

The song "Champion" was created to be inspirational and embody the rewards of hard work and dedication. I didn't want to create a video in which I am crowning myself "Champion" because that is not how I wrote the song.

"You don't need ME to answer this/ In the mirror YOU should see a Champion"

I wanted to showcase the motivation behind why I make music and the ability I believe music has to impact and change peoples lives, most times without the artist even being aware of the power his/her music has. I wanted the main focus, however, and ultimately the credit to belong to the person who was motivated by the music and put the work in to transform their character and ultimately become a Champion.

In the video a grieving, down-on-his luck man is struggling with the recent death of his father. Memories of him boxing with his dad as a child, combined with unintentionally stumbling across the song "Champion" on a CD on the ground, inspire the man to kick his drinking habit and pick up boxing to feel connected to his father. The newly inspired man works several jobs to pay for boxing lessons and gloves and trains until he is ready to fight...


Thursday, October 4, 2012


This is Producer Spotlight!

Producer Spotlight defines the saying "Favor for a Favor"...I only feature music from producers who I have had the pleasure to network with. Serious artists who understand to get support you must show support...I too am one of those serious artists and Blog Spotlight is dedicated to the artists who reached out/or reached back to me...and have DOPE BEATS!

This Producer Spotlight is on "EYERAP"!

I have had the pleasure of networking with EYERAP on soundcloud. EYERAP is an Emcee/Producer out of NY, One half of the group The Synthesis Project. I think he is one of the illest producers I have reached out to and I'm glad to feature him on my blog cause his beats need to be heard. If you like that real nyc style hip-hop. If you remember what Hip-Hop truly sounded like, the sound we all grew up loving, then LISTEN to this producer right here. 

Gunplay Fights With 50 Cents Entourage (Video)

The story so far, as I have heard it, is that Gunplay was jumped by 5 members of 50 Cent’s entourage. This video picks up after he got jumped and shows Gunplay fighting one guy, getting pepper sprayed by the police, and then running towards 2 Chainz trailer. Gunplay was then arrested. 


I'm not gonna take sides because I don't want to speculate and I wasn't there but I will say this. Gunplay might be crazy, but he is one of the realist rappers out there. I have had the pleasure of meeting Gunplay and working on a track with him and he is a good dude. ROOOLLLLIIINNNN!  Check out the video below of Gunplay and I with Hugo Diaz in Miami.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

"A Good Man" featured on the blog ITSPRETTYDOPE.COM

I would like to thank ITSPRETTYDOPE.COM for featuring my track "A GOOD MAN"!!!!

This is one of my favorite tracks and thanks to the fans support has gotten over 3500 views on soundcloud and continues to get featured on hip-hop blogs.

Please check out the link below and show your support by clicking "Its pretty dope" as well as leaving a comment. The chances of me being featured on blogs in the future depends on my posts pulling an audience so please help me out!