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Friday, March 30, 2012

Does Santorum really almost say the "N" word!

I know this isn't Hip Hop but I think its important to share with the world. I oppose most of Santorum's views!! I oppose his position on sex, abortion, women, religion, and almost anything else that comes out his mouth!

In this clip Santorum almost says the "N" word while talking about Obama. He caught himself but I am still trying to figure out what other word that starts with "Nig-" he could of meant in that context. I do happen to believe Santorum is very close minded and would not put it past him to be racist.


Cappadonna's Video for "Cuban Link Kings" Prod. By Fantom of The Beat

Check out Cappadonna's Official Music Video for "Cuban Link Kings" Produced by Fantom of the Beat. Cappadonna represents that true HIP HOP!

I have had the pleasure of working with both Cappadonna and Fantom of the Beat. Cappadonna is featured with Inspectah Deck on my track "What 2 Do" produced by Mysto and Pizzi and I am currently working with Fantom of the Beat at FantoMusic Studios on my new project. More details soon!!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

NAS on Trayvon "So I'm Rocking a Hoodie for My Man"

NAS is clearly one of my favorite rappers alive, he is a leader in the industry when it comes to speaking his mind. I highly respect his views and opinions and think he is very intelligent and insightful, especially around issues dealing with racial tension. I'm glad he gave his two cents on the Trayvon Martin shooting. I'm honored to have met NAS in my lifetime and agree on the importance of remembering Trayvon incidents happen everyday all over the world. I too like to be optimistic one day this race problem will be solved.

NAS Quote on the Trayvon Martin Shooting:

"You never want to hear that kind of news, when it happens, you remember how many Trayvon incidents happen everyday all over the world. ...It doesn't seem like the race problem will ever get solved. I like to be optimistic, but it doesn't seem like it'll ever get solved."
"That's a sickness that needs healing, that this guy Zimmerman is dealing with, and all the Zimmermans around the world. They're dealing with a self-hatred, ignorant, sickness. They're living in fear. So I'm rocking a hoodie for my man."

Nas wore a hoodie during the interview in honor of Trayvon Martin.

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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

SeeS Speaks: Preparing to Release "Bang Bang"

I am currently preparing to release my first official single "Bang Bang" under the FantoMusic/CT Corporate Takeover label.

An Official Video has been shot and directed by Exile Ramirez and is planning on being released sometime this summer to accompany the release of the record.

I has been working with Platinum Producer "Fantom of the Beat" out of FantoMusic Studios in NYC and have several upcoming projects together. 

Listen to the track below!


SeeS Track with Wu-Tang


CT Artist SeeS (S Double E S) Collaborates with Hip Hop Legends, then Gives Track Away for FREE DOWNLOAD


It would be an honor for any artist to get the opportunity to collaborate on an original track with any of the members from Wu Tang. With that said, CT Artist "SeeS" was able to double that honor and get both Cappadonna and Inspectah Deck on the same track. The track was produced by Platinum Producers "Mysto and Pizzi," two up-and-coming producers from NYC that have had a lot of success in recent years, including producing tracks for major artists such as R. Kelly.

The track, titled "What 2 Do", was recorded for SeeS EP "SeeS Control", and although the track appears on the CD, SeeS decided to give the track away to his fans for FREE. You can download the song at SeeS official website or at his Reverbnation Fan Page,

If you are a Wu Tang fan this track is a Must-Download. SeeS encourages fans to download the track, share it, burn it, upload it to blogs/sites, and put it on mixtapes. "I made this track for my fans, this track is theirs, they shouldn't have to buy it" -SeeS

For more information on SeeS please visit his official website, or email him at You can find him on Facebook at

FantoMusic/CT Corporate Takeover


LETS GO!! I'm starting a blog and need all my fans to support. I will highlight whats going on in my career as well as my opinions on things going on in the industry. WE are doing big things at CT Corporate Takeover/FantoMusic and this is where I am going to blog about it!

Also be sure to check out my website!! 

- SeeS (S Double E S)