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Monday, April 23, 2012

Note to Florida Police: Leave Rick Ross Alone, Its Only Weed!

Last week Rick Ross yacht was searched for WEED when Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Officers flagged down the rappers boat claiming they smelled weed smoke. Authorities searched the boat and found nothing and no arrests were made. No further investigation is expected, Good!

Rick Ross is smart and knows how to handle the a boss!

In my opinion celebrities who are constantly in the media spotlight and surrounded by police and security need to be given more flexibility when it comes to misdemeanor charges surrounding disturbing the peace or drug paraphernalia. Everyone with an entourage is going to be slightly disruptive and loud and chances are people will be doing drugs, it's just the way the industry is and although it should be regulated needs to be done so with common sense and without the artist assuming all responsibility for everyone traveling with them. Let me hear your opinion in the comment section!

I'm glad this didn't become a bigger problem for Rick Ross as I am a huge supporter of his movement and appreciate the way he looks out for the artists he is working with. He has had an amazing successful last two years and I applaud him for that!

Here is one of my favorite new Rick Ross songs featuring Nas! Triple Beam Dreams - Check it out!


I have also had the privilege to hang out and do some work with one of Rick Ross artists GunPlay who had nothing but good things to say about the "Boss"! GunPlay is another solid artist who you should look out for....ROLLIN!

-SeeS (S Double E S)


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  1. What do you think about the flexibility celebrities should be given when it comes to minor misdemeanor charges?