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Friday, June 13, 2014


Oscar Black SeSHipHop  50/50 Management

Oscar Black just dropped a new video for the track "Getting Hott" ft Vera Maxwell & Scrapp Nyce.
Oscar Black continues to represent CT on a professional level and I have been listening to Oscar Black for years, so this I support for sure. CT lets go! S/O 50/50 Management, doing big things! For more check out!

BIO (courtesy of 50/50 Management) 

Oscar Black has been a fixture in the CT Hip Hop scene for several years. Born and raised in Hartford Conn., he has been rapping since he was just in the 5th grade. As of today, he has done over 150 shows up and down the east coast, and has performed alongside artists such as Jadakiss, Sean Kingston, Jim Jones, 50 Cent, Rick Ross, Lil Wayne, Young Jeezy, Lil Kim and many more. Oscar Black’s music is extremely diverse, and he gets his inspiration from the struggles within the streets and hardships of love and money. He is a very well-rounded rapper and welcomes the challenge of any topic or beat. In the last 10 years, he has had 21 songs hit the radio from New York to Boston to Atlanta. Currently, Oscar is working toward making new music and not only getting his music played on the radio but also continuing to pack out different venues across the state. He is also focusing on interacting with his fans; creating video blogs, utilizing Twitter and Facebook, as well as his own YouTube channel. Oscar is in the process of finishing a mixtape and working on an EP as well, both set for release in 2014.Once affiliated with G-Unit, Oscar has taken some time to himself, and is now on the path back to the top of the CT Hip Hop scene, and much more. He was named Best New Artist in 2007 by Holler Back Music Awards. Oscar Black was also a 3 time “Artist of the Year” from 2008 to 2011, won Best Video for his track ‘Get Loose With It’ in 2010, and his video ‘We Paid’ also won Video of the Year in 2012 from Model Mayhem Magazine. Now, in 2014, Oscar’s main focus is getting the attention of the masses and major labels to advance his career to the next level.Oscar knows that success doesn’t come easy. He appreciates the struggle and challenge, and it helps keep him humble and down to earth. But there is no looking back for Oscar Black. 2014 is just the beginning of what will continue to be a very successful career for this talented, hard-working artist.

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