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Thursday, January 21, 2016


I would like to shout out LEX, what a dope video, great visuals and a great flow and energy to match. Be sure to check out the video below and subscribe to the YouTube channel. Who ever is saying CT doesn't have talent is smoking crack!! - CTHIPHOPBLOG

(Bio: Courtesy of Lex)
"Making it” in the music industry can be viewed in two different ways. Top 10 billboard or underground success story. Lex feels that success is measured by who you can effect with your talent, and what can be taken from it and passed along. Born Antoine Alexander in Los Angeles, California, then at a young age, he moved to Bloomfield, Connecticut, but music has been a part of his life since he was a toddler. From a house that was always playing the likes of “Al Green,” to “Stevie Wonder,” he understands that music is therapeutic, and can influence many and also can create enemies. Regardless, he pushes himself to the edge with his creativity and is not afraid to step way out of his boundaries to try new formulas and patterns of wordplay. Lex started writing rhymes at the age of 9 and actually started rapping at 13. Surrounded by many students in middle and high school that had the same passion, the biggest influences for music on his life come from his sister and his father. When he was too young (according to his mother) to listen to explicit rap music, it was his sister that snuck countless cd’s into his room so he could listen to them at night. From “A tribe called quest,” to “Onyx,” there were two groups that stood out to him, “Leaders of the new school,” and “Wu Tang Clan,” especially the groups lyrically extravagant and over the top front men “Busta Rhymes,” and “Reakwon” Lex’s‘ favorite MC’s of all time. He states, “ I would go into my own world when I listen to hip-hop, nothing around me existed except the music. I get really lost in it, its a great feeling.”Lex’s old stage name was A-lex, which was taken from his last name Alexander. He released two mixtapes under this moniker, “Pass the Aspirin,” and the unreleased “Life of a Studio Junkie.” He recently changed his stage name because he wanted a “fresh start” and take a different approach with his music.

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